Partnering & Sponsorships

AIM Council Partners & Sponsors

AIM Council offers organizations a unique opportunity with our exclusive partnership and sponsorship programs created to provide you maximum collaboration and participation in our efforts to advance “out of the box thinking”, professional enrichment, marketing and educational opportunities. With over 12 years as a leader in the Capital Planning and Investment Control industry, AIM Council formally CPIC Forum boast 300+ members across government, non-profit, and corporate organizations and is positioned to become the leading business and technology council for government.

Become a Business Partner

As an AIM Council Business Partner you will have access to opportunities to participate in driving industry best practices in the information technology, management consulting and advisory and financial services sectors.  AIM Council business partnership program provides a “win-win” framework where our partners can have access to the latest trends and critical information in order to lead in their markets, provide value to their customers, and stay ahead of the latest trends and changes that occur at the intersection of government and industry professionals and leaders.

Become a US Federal Advisory Partner

As an AIM Council US Federal Advisory Partner you will be able to keep pace with the latest technology developments and priorities as well as federal government regulations.  This unique partnership allows you to be engaged in innovating new ways in creating solutions and successfully work with federal agencies to address their specific requirements.

Become an Event Sponsor

“Seeing IT Performance With Clarity”

May 13-14, 2020
Georgetown Marriott Hotel, DC Downtown Hotel