The American Innovation & Modernization Fall Summit

December 9–10, 2019

The AIM Council Presents:
The American Innovation & Modernization Fall Summit

Building an Efficient Federal IT Workforce & Infrastructure
to Meet Critical Missions


The “smart” modernization of your IT infrastructure and workforce is becoming a necessity. Recent legislative mandates are now no longer just documents, but they are a call for action. The federal government continues to fall further behind private industry in both its plan to address IT network vulnerabilities as well as its approach to the customer experience.

At the American Innovation & Modernization Fall Summit, you’ll get a “triple-dose” of educational content:

  1. How to create a stronger government practice and enhance the workforce
  2. How to build a roadmap for modernization & technology
  3. How to develop and execute your cybersecurity strategy

1 Create a Stronger Government Practice – Spend a few hours discussing topics that will help you build your government practice including tools and tips for maximizing your opportunities through the GSA schedule, methods and best practices you can use to establish and grow your federal supplier / contracting business, and how to be effective in your day to day operations, and effectively train your workforce, and impress leadership.

2 You’ll discuss ways to Build a Modernization & Technology Roadmap by learning how to allocate budgets to fund new technology acquisition, and learn about solutions that federal agencies need today meet their critical mission. Discuss how to build a foundation to be able to utilize new innovations (i.e.: Block Chain, and Cloud Computing.) Federal agencies are also spending a majority of their IT spending on maintaining legacy systems that are sorely in need of replacement. How do we break this vicious cycle and build the IT infrastructure meet current needs and reap long term benefits?

3 In a highly evolving cyber world where technological innovations are driving how Americans do business, how can you ensure that your agency is safely serving your customers? Do you know how to Develop and Execute a CyberSecurity Strategy with infrastructure that can protect sensitive data? You’ll learn how to build a cyber-secure culture in your agency and identify and address insider threats before it becomes a cyber incident. How do you hire and train an effective cyber security workforce and create a path of continuity and promotion in your cyber work force (and retain talented staff). You’ll review the 5 core functions that provide a strategic view of the lifecycle of an organization’s cybersecurity risk management.


The American Innovation & Modernization Fall Summit is a solutions-based program designed to give you – federal IT professionals and managers – the strategies, resources and answers to these questions and more. You’ll walk away with valuable information to take back to the office, resources you didn’t know that existed, and a cybersecurity strategy that’s executable.


Meet the Conference Chairwoman

Joyce Hunter


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