Cooper-Godlove CPIC Awards of Excellence

   Stacey Godlove
      Terry Cooper

The AIM Council CPIC Awards Program was established in 2007 and is designed to encourage support for the mission and goals of the Council by recognizing outstanding individual and organizational achievements and contributions in the advancement of capital planning and related areas, such as Technology Business Management (TBM), Portfolio Management (PfM) and Enterprise Architecture (EA).

Eligibility: Membership in the AIM Council or attendance at the FITGovSummit is not a prerequisite for the awards program. Any individuals or organizations working in or supporting Federal CPIC processes or the related areas may be nominated. There is no limit on the number of categories for which an individual or organization may be nominated.

Submissions: Nominations are submitted electronically by using the form below and must be received by the deadline. It is requested that nominations are at least 150 words, but limited to 500 words. The nomination should address only achievements covering the period since the last annual summit.  A strong nomination will specifically address the award criteria and provide evidence of the individual or organization’s contributions specific to the award.

Teams: Nominations for each category may be made to a Team, but only up to 4 people may be chosen to attend the award ceremony at no cost.

Reviewers: Awards are chosen by an Awards Committee, which is comprised of the AIM Council Board Members and Government Liaisons

Notification of Recipients:  The Summit Program Director will ensure the award recipients are called to be informed of the award and the ceremony.  Recipients may be told of the nominator only if authorized in the nomination form. Award recipients are invited to attend the ceremony (without registering for the summit.)

Awards: Winners are presented with a signed Award Certificate and accompanying desktop or wall plaque.

Announcements:  The list of award winners will not be made public until the Awards Ceremony at the Federal Government IT Summit. After the event concludes, the awards recipients will be placed on the AIM Council website.

Submit Your Nomination by April 24th

Awards Nomination Form

Please complete the form below to nominate your nominee.
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  • There is no limit on the number of categories for which an individual or organization may be nominated.
  • Please provide a DETAILED justification for your award nomination. Include a description of the nominees accomplishments that qualify him/her in this category. Justification must be at least 150 words, but limited to 500 words.