Welcome to the American Innovation &
Modernization Council!



The AIM Council is a not for profit 501(c6) founded in 2019, drawing on over a decade of experience from the former CPIC Forum & Conference. It is the AIM Council’s goal to integrate governance by incorporating unified approaches to Leadership, Advocacy, and Education.

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AIM Council endeavors to encourage collaboration of government and industry leaders and professionals within federal governance, including; Information Technology, Management Consulting, and Advisory and Financial Services, in order to provide industry best standards and practices, “out of the box thinking”, professional enrichment, and educational opportunities. We are aligning our Government and Industry professional membership with our training arm, creating an “all things governance” Annual Summit and ongoing professional continuing education.

The American Innovation & Modernization Council promotes an open and honest culture which values your thoughts, ideas, and contributions; and provides a forum to address them. We are excited to move into the next phase of our growth and hope that you will join us.

Please visit us frequently for updates on Events and Roundtables or send an inquiry to marketing@americanimc.org.